Atay Ka Halwa Recipe | Wheat Flour Halwa Recipe | 3 Indredient Halwa


Atay Ka Halwa Recipe. A perfect Aate Ka halwa recipe with a fantastic way to serve it in a Katori. Make and store these katoris to impressively serve any halwa whenever you want. Aate ka halwa recipe is very popular sweet dish of India. This aate ka halwa recipe is very easy and can be made for any occasion. This aate ka halwa recipe by kabitaskitchen details step by step process to make perfect halwa. This aate ka halwa recipe is healthy and is suitable for kids lunchbox as well.

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Aate ka Halwa:
-Water 2 Cup
-Sugar 1 Cup
-Ghee 1 Cup
-Badam (Almonds) ¼ Cup optional
-Chakki ka atta (Whole wheat flour) sifted 1 Cup


-In a saucepan,add water,sugar,mix well & bring it to boil,cook until sugar is dissolved & set aside for later use.
-Heat ghee in a pan
-Add Whole Wheat Flour Rost it 5 mints till golden.
-Now Add Ready Sugar Syrep and Mix well cook it fro 3 mints untill oil separates.
-Ready Atey Ka Halwa Garnish With almonds
-Can be stored in zip lock bag for up to 1 month.
Prepare Aate ka Halwa:
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