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Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe. Learn how to make the best chocolate cake milkshake easily at home. Easy milkshake recipe for the summer season. It does resemble the chocolate cake shake you get at Portillo’s so hope you all enjoy this recipe. We’re not really even sure if we should be publishing this recipe because it’s so utterly ridiculous. But that’s part of our charm, right? Diabetics beware: This shake is not for the faint of heart. If there is anything in the world that CHOCOLATE. Devour, delve and dig into this chocolate shake without guilt. All your hump-day blues will be battled out! With easy to grab ingredients such as chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, milk and chocolate ice-cream, this chocolate shake will make you a favorite among all your friends. Go on and give it a try.


Chocolate Milk Shake

ChocolateIce Cream 2 Scoops
Chocolate Cake 1 Slice
Sugar 2 Tbs
Milk 2 Glass

1. add Milk, chocolate Cake pieces, Sugar, chocolate Ice Cream and Blend for 2 mints.
2. Now Add ice and again blend for 1 mint.
3. Top it off with another scoop of desired ice cream.
4. Rich and luscious Chocolate Shake Sundae is ready.
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