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Besan Wala Naan Recipe | How To Make Pakora Naan | Tala Hua Naan – Zoobia Farooq


Zoobia Farooq
Besan wala naan recipe. Besan Wala Naan: Some food takes us back to our childhood memories. This Besan Wala Naan recipe is one of them. Try out this Besan Wala Naan Recipe. Besan Wala Naan Recipe Or Tala Hua Naan Recipe , a perfect combination of food in a rainy or winter season . Its really simple and mouth watering, Delicious And Easy to Cook Besan Wala Naan Recipe At Home. A famous desi naan bread of Pakistan that is made with gram flour, potato, green chilies and spices. Perfect to serve in lunch time. This is a Besan Wala Naan recipe also known as pakoa naan for everyone who likes to eat Naan. 
Besan Wala Naan Recipe In English:
2 cups Gram flour
1 large onion
2 Potatoes
1 cup Spinach
1/2 cup Coriander
Salt to taste
1 tsp Red chili powder
1 tsp Cumin powder
1 tbsp. Crushed Coriander
1 tsp Red chili flakes
2-3 Green chilies
Water as required
1 tbsp. dried pomegranate
6-7 Naan
Pakora Batter:
In a bowl add gram flour, onion, potatoes, spinach, coriander, salt, red chili powder, dried pomegranate, green chilies, red chili flakes and mix well.
Gradually add water and make a thick batter.
Take one Naan & spread the Pakora mixture over the Naan.
Heat oil in a pan on medium heat, then reduce the heat on medium to low and place the Naan facing better side up and leave for 2 minutes.
Then flip it over and let it cook for 4-5 minutes or until potatoes get tender fully.
Serve with raita and salad.
Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 30-35 minutes
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How to make Besan wala naan at home recipe Pakistani
How to make Fry naan recipe in Urdu Hindi
How to make pakora naan recipe
Pakoray wala Mazadar naan – Besan ka tala howa naan – Naan ki Asan c recipe – Masaladar naan bana na ka tareeka – spicy street food recipe – Pakistani street food recipe – Indian street food recipe 
بیسن والا نان بنانے کا آسان طریقہ – پکوڑے والا نان بنانے کی آسان ریسیپی – مصالحہ دار نان بنانے کی آسان ترکیب – تلا ہوا نان بنانے کا آسان طریقہ==============================================
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